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🏆   FPA San Francisco has already signed up to use Advisers Give Back to power their online pro bono efforts. logo_long_full.001

Making behaviorally-designed pro bono financial planning easy for FPA Chapters.

FPA chapters can easily offer a no-maintenance, online pro bono financial planning solution developed by behavioral economist Dan Ariely.

Meeting with financial advisor

How We're Different

Advisers Give Back, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is different from other pro bono efforts in three key ways.

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Virtual Platform

Our online platform makes it easy for financial planners to volunteer virtually when it's convenient for them, while also generating pro bono client demand.

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Dedicated Assistants

All pro bono financial planners are supported by a dedicated Advisers Give Back assistant who follows up with clients on their key tasks to drive implementation of the plan .

Report Impact

Advisers Give Back makes pro bono reporting easy for FPA chapters by measuring client interactions and the impact that financial planners are having.

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Designed for FPA chapters large and small

If your FPA chapter has been looking for a way to make it easy for your chapter members to engage in pro bono financial planning activities within your community, and even beyond, we can help.

Only the largest FPA chapters have the resources and volunteers to run their own stand-alone virtual pro bono program. For every FPA chapter, Advisers Give Back can:

    • Create a branded landing page for your FPA chapter which matches pro bono clients with only your chapter's volunteers.
    • Match pro bono clients in your local zip codes with your chapter volunteers.
    • Eliminate the ongoing administrative work of managing a pro bono financial program.
    • Provide your chapter with reporting that you can share with FPA National.


"When I and my fellow members of the Orange County chapter of FPA began the process of wanting to create a virtual/remote one-on-one pro bono offering to the community in early 2020, during the early stages of the coronavirus that was shutting down so many in person pro bono activities, we found ourselves at a real loss when searching for technology and support systems. This led us to have to spend hundreds of hours to take off the shelf systems and adapt to them and modify them, to create the backup paperwork and protocols, and many other features and functionality that was necessary for us to create a system that we now feel does what is needed for our chapter to be effective at delivering personalized yet remote one-on-one pro bono financial planning meetings. Having more recently worked with the team at Advisers Give Back I really wish that this system had been available to us back in early 2020. It too is an outstanding system with all of the necessary support in place that the team AGB has ready on a turnkey basis.

If we were beginning the process of setting up a remote pro bono effort for our chapter at this time I have little doubt but that we would turned to AGB and the team there to help us do so. Kudos to Matt and the rest of the team add AGB for what they have now made available to so many other FPA chapters and other organizations with qualified and certified financial planners wanting to give back through pro bono advisory engagements!"

- Mark Phillips, MBA, CFP®, AIF®, CDFA®

Chair, Community Outreach Committee
Financial Planning Association of Orange County

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A Solution Designed for FPA Chapters

We understand what FPA chapters need.

Online calendars, such as AppointmentsPlus and Calendly, cost $1,600-$6,000 for a network of volunteers, require ongoing support from dedicated chapter members and don't offer key features designed for more efficient and impactful pro bono financial planning.

Here's how Advisers Give Back matches up:

Online Calendar Advisers Give Back Advisers Give Back For FPA Chapters
Meeting reminders
Basic client profile data
Enhanced client insights
Dedicated, live Advisers Give Back assistant
Just-in-time client messages (email, SMS and in-app)
Asynchronous advice option
Easily schedule multiple meetings
Secure Adviser Interface
Advisers can self-manage availability
Ability to assign client To Dos/tasks
Client online To Do dashboard
Client progress tracking
Live platform training for advisers
Vetting of adviser volunteers
E&O Insurance Coverage
FPA chapter-branded landing page
Matching local pro bono clients with FPA chapter members
Custom reporting for FPA
FPA chapter pro bono promotion support (e.g. branded videos for social media)
Pro bono clients invited to make a voluntary donation

Key benefits for FPA Chapters

Advisers Give Back can help FPA chapters engage more members around pro bono service, while continuing to improve the platform for greater measurable impact.

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Advisers Give Back can provide individual FPA chapters with the reports they need about members' volunteer efforts.

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By providing financial planners with clients' details before the meeting and letting planners set their own availability, Advisers Give Back makes pro bono more efficient and impactful.

Getting to the Next Level

Michael Kitces on Advisers Give Back

"Our lives are busy. Even when we want to provide pro bono help, there's no fast and easy way to just do it. Which is why it's so important to make the logistics of delivering pro bono financial planning advice as easy as possible.

Advisers Give Back has created an impressive program to deliver pro bono financial advice in a way that's efficient for the client and the adviser.

But they need our support to get to the next level."

Michael Kitces, CFP®, ChFC, CLU, REBC, CASL

Advisers Give Back volunteer
Nerd's Eye View

Kitces speaking
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A Donation-Supported Solution

Donation guidance for FPA chapters.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Advisers Give Back will support every FPA chapter regardless of how much it can donate. Given that, we've worked with FPA members deeply involved with pro bono work to come up with suggested donation amounts for FPA chapters to tailor  Advisers Give Back's platform to power chapter pro bono efforts.

AGB page for web copy

Smaller Chapters
(Under 100 Members)

$1,500 /Year

  • All features listed above as Advisers Give Back For FPA Chapters

Mid-Sized Chapters
(100-300 Members)

$2,250 /Year

  • All features listed above as Advisers Give Back For FPA Chapters

Large Chapters
(Over 300 Members)

$3,000 /Year

  • All features listed above as Advisers Give Back For FPA Chapters
Advancing the Profession

Three ways we help advance the profession.

Prove that financial planning is not just for wealthy people.

Increase access to pro bono for millions of lower income Americans.

Create new rewarding volunteer opportunities for financial planners.


Frank Paré, CFP®

Advisers Give Back board member
2018 President of the Financial Planning Association (FPA)

Here for the Long Haul

Over two years of pro bono experience

Started in January 2020 and governed by a board of directors that includes four FPA members, over the past two years Advisers Give Back has:

Conducted a pilot program, partially funded by the Foundation for Financial Planning.


Welcomed our founding firms and generous donors: Mercer Advisors, Wealthspire and Altair Advisers.


Developed the software and infrastructure needed to scale and onboarded the first cohort of advisers.


Announced new partnerships with non-profits and fintech companies serving lower-income individuals.


Now we're partnering with FPA chapters to help them scale their pro bono programs and involve more members.

Timeline Keynote Template
How It Works

We Make Pro Bono Easy

For individual FPA members, getting started is as easy as 1-2-3.  And advisers ❤️  us for it.

Take 10 minutes to complete an online application.

Attend a live, 60-minute training.

Start meeting with pro bono clients.

"It’s incredible what you can help someone accomplish in a 30-minute conversation!

As an advisor, I’m amazed by the impact I can have through Advisors Give Back and with the virtual platform I can make it a part of my weekly routine all from the comfort of my own home."

- Jesse Pence, CFP®
Waypoint Wealth Partners

"My favorite thing about being a part of Advisers Give Back in a pro bono capacity, is that my efforts are targeted and immediately impactful. Advisers Give Back offers a robust platform where clients and Pro Bono planners are matched are ready to work together. There’s no guess work or finessing because Advisers Give Back does all the work behind the scenes. In most cases, the prep work has already been done. The time spent with the client is very specific to their pain point and we are able to assess and implement a plan of action in that one short meeting. I find this the most rewarding.

Planners, do not wait, raise your hand to volunteer. It will be the best use of your time and most rewarding. You determine your availability."

- Maureen Atieno, CFP®
   Fidelity Investments

"Everyone needs help with something in their life. Sometimes a quick call for assistance or a message of confirmation can get us back on the right track.

It’s a pleasure for me to work with Advisers Give Back and their technology platform that makes volunteering easy and fun. Getting feedback that someone has taken action completes a truly rewarding experience."

- Bruce Lorenz, CFP®
NewRetirement Advisors

"Our profession needs a way to reach more people and affect positive social change by changing one life at a time through the power of financial planning.

It's essential that we reach people one-on-one to help them with their unique situation in a way that is technology-forward, scalable, and has a great client experience that is empowering.

And that's what Advisers Give Back is doing."

- Alise Kraus, CFP®
   Mariner Wealth Advisors

Behaviorally Designed

Dan Ariely on Advisers Give Back

"We usually think that the best cure for bad financial decisions is financial literacy. Just teach people, and all will be solved. Sadly this is not the case, and even worse, the evidence is that financial literacy’s effectiveness is close to zero.

What we need is a system that takes the complexity of financial decision making, breaks it into actionable components, and coaches us on taking one step at a time.

This is what the Advisers Give Back process is designed to do.”


Dan Ariely

James B. Duke Professor of
Behavioral Economics at Duke University
NY Times Bestselling Author
Advisers Give Back product collaborator


Join the movement

The time for more accessible pro bono financial planning is long overdue. Let's use today's technology to ensure that lower income households have access to the power of financial planning.


The financial planning profession has an important role to play in closing the racial and gender wealth gaps.


By serving our communities, we can give back using our unique skills. logo_long_full.001

Advisers Give Back is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that makes it easier and more rewarding for financial advisers to give back to their community, while getting data-driven insights on the impact they're having.

We're on a mission to close the racial and gender wealth gaps by increasing access to independent financial advice for millions of Americans.


490 43rd Street

Suite 350
Oakland, CA

Email us
Talk: 15 min meeting

Employer Identification Number: 84-4685390

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