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You've been matched with Alise and Matt!

Check out their profiles below, as well as the video message from Matt.


Alise Kraus, CFP®

Financial Adviser,
Pro-bono volunteer at AdvisersGiveBack.org

Personal Statement:
I am an attentive listener or loves asking questions and learning about you and your financial goals and concerns. I like solving problems, creating holistic financial planning strategies, and sharing concrete tips geared at empowering you to get where you want to be financially.

Professional Attributes:
I am a nationally recognized advisor, and a graduate of the Personal Financial Planning program at the University of California, Berkeley. I am current President of the Financial Planning Association of the East Bay.

Next, Alise will:
Look at the information you shared and propose some personalized tasks you can complete as part of the four-week program that the two of you will co-design.

* Alise is a fiduciary adviser, which means that she is required by the Fiduciary Oath to always put your best interests first.

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Matt Iverson

Assistant to the Adviser

Personal Statement:
I'm looking forward to supporting you on your four week journey to build on the progress you've already made. It's always helpful to remember that taking action is the key part of this program and that's what I'll be working with you on tracking your progress and following up on your To Dos with deadlines.

I hear all the time how impactful this coaching model is and how easy we make it for people. One of my favorite quotes from someone who completed the program is:

"I appreciated being held accountable for taking action and made more movement in reaching my financial goals [in four weeks] than I have in the last 5 years."

If there's anything about your financial situation or priorities that you want to share with your adviser, just leave a message through the VideoAsk on this page. Thanks and talk soon!

Professional Attributes:
B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from UC Berkeley and over 13 years working in financial services and customer support.

Matt's Role:
In order to make sure that each person in successful in the four-week program, Matt closely supports both you and the adviser by keeping track of the progress that you're making, while cheering you on. Additionally, he sends updates to your adviser, as well as manages most of the email and text message communication, so that your adviser can meet with more people through AdvisersGiveBack.org.